Advertising Options



Full Wrap With Doors – Luxury Pedicab

11 sheet displayed 5 passenger seating pedicab. We are very excited to introduce nation’s first pedicab design with doors. Take the idea of pedicab advertising to the next step! First impression is important; imagine drivers are opening doors to your guests and potential customers and welcoming them in a personal level of touch. Wanna make this pedicab 13 sheet displayed by adding canopy top panel as well? 95 sqft advertising space offered on this unique pedicab.

Fully Wrap Double Height – Canopy Pedicab

7 to 9 sheet displayed (depending on the pedicab model). These are our eye-catching and creative new advertising medium incorporates with a canopy top part attachment to our fully wrapped super pedicabs. Canopy panel doubles the back panel size of the cabs and allows using extra ad space as well as coming up with more creative artwork designs. This future is a big hit and sure to create an impact on your primary target audience. No way not to see or miss our canopy pedicabs.

Full Wrap Super Pedicab

7 to 9 sheet displayed (depending on the pedicab model) fully wrapped unique pedicabs which are specifically designed to accommodate your advertisement. Full wrap covers the rear side of the cab body including side panels, front panels, and right & left side of the front wheel. This future allows you to have more product and brand recognition. The branding is produced on high quality outdoor waterproof vinyl or coroplast material in a lasting gloss laminated finish.




Field Marketing

With our young and dedicated team we will start direct interaction with your prospects. Our approach consists of distribution of promotional items, flyers, coupons, and product sampling. Our drivers, or brand ambassadors, can not only pass out whatever promotional items you may choose to use, they will be trained to talk about your product, and to direct attendees to your booth.


Sponsored Uniforms


One of the pedicab advertising opportunities includes corporate sponsorship of brand ambassadors by being dressed in uniforms that bear your brand name and logo. You can come up with your company T-shirt, hats or any type of uniform that you like our drivers to wear (like a doctor etc…). With uniform advertising you can double your exposure and increase your brand recognition and reach thousands of people on a very personal level everyday throughout your campaign.

Sponsored Complimentary Fares

We offer the opportunity for you to sponsor rides for your target audience, offering transportation to and from the Convention Center free of charge to attendees on your behalf. Not only for conventions, whether it is a prestigious store opening, exhibition, or simply transport between venues, your customers will love the memorable pedicab experience. Our creative outdoor media will do a buzz around the area of your event. If you are an exhibitor at the convention center, this option will drive lots of potential customers to your booth. Pedicab rickshaws are the only outdoor advertising medium offer such a service. No other mobile billboard can provide this unique attraction.